Blackjack tie goes to the dealer

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Mar 25, 2008 · no one wins and the dealer ditches the cards. If it is a superfun 21 and the 2 tie at blackjack, the player gets paid. If it is any other table the push happens. Actually they fly in carrier pigeons that send special messages to all your friends telling them you won nothing, and lost nothing.

A player blackjack beats any dealer total other than blackjack, including a dealer's three or more card 21. If both a player and the dealer have blackjack, the hand is a tie or push. The dealer will usually pay your winning blackjack bet immediately when it is your turn to play. What are a blackjack dealer's options? - Stack Exchange The dealer in blackjack has no 'options' about what they do in the game, the dealer has a strict set of actions they perform based on what the cards they have are. As mentioned in the case of a face up ace insurance is offered to the players, in case of a blackjack it is revealed and the hand ends. Rules of Card Games: Blackjack -

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If both the player and dealer have Blackjack, the result is a push (tie): ... The initial cards are revealed by the player if the hand goes bust, ... If the dealer has Blackjack the rules regarding Doubled and Split hands vary ...

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Rules of Card Games: Blackjack

The blackjack dealer shuffles the cards, and if he's dealing more than two decks, he'll place the shuffled cards in a box known as a "shoe."He begins distributing the cards to the players from the front of the shoe or the top of the deck. He'll begin with the player farthest to his left-known as "first... Blackjack Terminology - Glossary of Popular 21 Slang...

if blackjack dealer and player have a tie, what happens

You cannot lose, but you could tie if the dealer also has blackjack. If you are ... If you hit and go over 21, your hand “busts” and the dealer takes your bet. After all ... blackjack - Valley Forge Casino Resort Blackjack; if the dealer has an “up card” of 2 through ... Blackjack and the dealer's up card is a 10 or Ace, you ..... banker bets are paid 1 to 1 and ties are paid. Blackjack Rules at Full Tilt - Full Tilt Poker